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São Paulo Graffiti

For the past week and a half, I’ve been in Brasil with Shen Wei Dance Arts. I just got back to New York this morning and have been preparing for my Studio Series showing at NYLA. Editing music, rehearsing, picking four-leafed clovers in my backyard. I found ten of them. And they’re big. What I really want to show you right now, though, are these photos that I took in São Paulo, Brasil. On our first day there, Chelsea Retzloff led a few of us to the sketchiest neighborhood of São Paulo called Se. Sadly, the area has been plagued by a crack epidemic. You can read about these areas called “Cracolândias” here. Se is also known for its impressive graffiti murals. These are my favorites. Some of the pictures have friends in them, too.

IMG_3803 IMG_3801 IMG_3797_2 IMG_3794_2 IMG_3792_2 IMG_3791_2 IMG_3790_2 IMG_3789 IMG_3786_2 IMG_3785_2 IMG_3781_2 IMG_3780_2 IMG_3774_2 IMG_3772_2 IMG_3769_2

Danspace Show

I had my show at Danspace. It went really well and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Here is the New York Times review. Here is a review in OFFOFFOFF. Here is one from danceviewtimes. It was lots of fun but I’m so glad it’s over and I can begin a new piece. Image

Photo by Daniel Clifton

So Long

I haven’t posted anything in many moons. So much has happened. We performed “Fort Blossom” at NYLA . Here is the New York Times review. We performed the piece again at the Flynn in Burlington, Vermont. That was three weeks ago. Hopefully “Fort Blossom” will tour more. It’s a really good piece. I like dancing naked.

Photo by Ian Douglas

New Frame

I took this photo a while ago. Since then, the crocus have stopped blooming, all the daffodils have bloomed, and the tulips have grown up and are sending out buds. After I planted those bulbs in the fall, I scattered the area with some clippings from a creeping jenny that lives on the opposite end of the yard. They took root and are pushing out some nice chartreuse growth. It might be my favorite ground cover. These days I notice that whatever I’m talking about becomes my favorite. There’s just so much to like about this time of year. Anyway, the paths are new and I’m trying to decide what to plant and where to plant it. Coming in the mail: 60 liatris corms, 3 orange butterfly flower, 3 forsythias (which won’t bloom this year), 2 orange trumpet-vine,  and 2 red honeysuckle. Image

Crocus Hill

I am at Bryn Mawr College. Bryn Mawr means “big hill” in Welsh. There are thousands of crocus scattered on the lawns here. It looks like purple snow.

Fort Blossom

I’m going to Philadelphia tomorrow on a residency with John Jasperse. We’re performing his latest work, “Fort Blossom revisited“, at Bryn Mawr College. The piece was originally made in 2000 and we’ve changed and added sections. It’s a superbly fun dance to perform. It’s a quartet; two women(Lindsay Clark and Erika Hand) and two men(Benjamin Asriel and myself). The women wear red, Star Trek-esque dresses and the men wear nothing.  We smack each other around with inflatable furniture. If you’re in the area, please come see us. Get your tickets here. In other news, I’ve created a cairn out of broken pieces of concrete and bricks from my backyard. It is under the peach tree.

Odd Birdhouses

You won’t believe what I found the other day. There is this thrift store on 17th between 6th and 7th called Angel Street Thrift and I pop in there whenever I’m too early for work at SVA. Their proceeds benefit innovative programs for individuals and families affected by Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS and Mental Illness. Much better than shopping at the anti-Gay Salvation Army. Anyway, I found a clay birdhouse, identical to the one my grandma Campbell had on her porch in Blairsville, GA. I still remember by dad whittling a twig to fit in the perch hole. When I went up to the register to pay for it (only seven dollars), the cashier asked “Are you buying this for yourself?” and I knew he meant “what the hell is this thing?” That’s understandable, as it looks more like a broken vase. It’s not. It’s a birdhouse, I promise. I hope a handsome little finch calls it home.


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